HOPE Ministries

Helping Others for the Purpose of Eternity

All are welcome...

...to come for help in dealing with life’s issues and working toward gospel-centered transformation. 


We seek to embody the wisdom and love of Jesus to help people face the many issues of life and give people HOPE through a deepening relationship with our Lord.

 Our faith-based, in-depth ministries include: 


    •  Individualized Care 

    •  Training Courses  

Psychology Patient
Looking to be Refreshed?

HOPE Ministries is here to help you be refreshed in

              HOPE.         HEART.         LIFE.

We believe that we can experience the fullness of life that Christ offers,

as we learn to be His disciple.

In Him is Hope.


We purpose to help all who come to

  • FInd hope for the future with practical, biblical solutions to face the troubles of life.


  • Deal with inner struggles through heart change. 

  • Be refreshed with help you can trust, because it's rooted in biblical truth.

  • So you can then refresh others with the refreshment you have received.


  •  Abuse

  • Addiction

  • Anger

  • Answers to questions

  •  Anxiety
  •  Bizarre behavior
  •  Breakdown/Breakup
  •  Career guidance
  •  Children’s issues​
  •  Codependency

  • Communication

  •  Compulsive thinking   

  •  Conflict resolution
  •  Crises
  •  Cutting
  •  Decision making
  •  Depression
  •  Eating issues
  •  Emotional abuse

  •  Verbal abuse
  •  Failure
  •  Family relationships
  •  Fear
  •  Financial difficulties
  •  Grief
  •  Guilt

  •  Heart issues
  •  Hoarding
  •  Marriage issues
  •  Obsessive thinking  

  •  Parenting
  •  Physical abuse
  •  Pre-marital issues
  •  Reconciliation

  •  Relationships 

  •  Restoration
  •  Sexual abuse
  •  Substance difficulties
  •  Suicidal thoughts
  •  Unpleasant feelings
  •  Work/School issues   

  •  Worry

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HOPE Ministries

Nashville, TN 37215​

Tel: 615-301-3589